MTC – Athlete Spotlight

This Quarters Athlete of the Quarter is: Jill W – also know as Chilly Jilly, Princess or as the Angriest Kitty of the Litter

Claim To Fame – Angry Kitty!

Most Likely to – Follow a Sat Am Long Run with a PB & J Bagel!

Likes – Loud shoes, Angry Kitty gear, Fat Boys, Dairy Queen Blizzards & Whoopee Pies

Dislikes – drafters, flat tires & hills (They are Not Her Friend)

Recent Race Accomplishments – A Double Marathon – Forrest Gump Challenge Sat in MO and the Hogeye on Sunday in AR.

Wierdest Triathlon Race Moment – Trudging thru ankle deep mud to get in enough water to start wimming – REV 3 Full Rev – Sandusky Ohio

Lowest Triathlon Race Moment – Always sprinting at end of race to get better time than her husband – then mocking him!

Next Race – Ironman Mont Tremblant – Then Omaha Marathon – Marine Corps Marathon – Rt66 Tulsa Ok Marathon

jill presidio 10 miler                             REV3 Finish 9-11-11               CTR Pic       RTR jill


This Quarters Athlete of the Quarter is Paul W  – also know as Pappy – Grandpa – Paublo – Paulo  – PR Paul – Pauly  – Dad and Mr Awesome.

Claim To Fame – Age Grouper last year at the 2013 Ironman Mont Tremblant

Likes – Wine – Swimming – Wine – Biking – Wine – Running & Wine!      Favorite Rehydration Method – Wine.

Dislikes – Drafters – Litter Bugs & People who pee in their wetsuit!

Recent Funny Incident – Accidently flexed his massive Biceps and ripped his wetsuit!

Recent Race Accomplishment – The Disney Dopey Challenge – 4 Races 4 Days

Wierdest Triathlon Race Moment – Mile 138 of the 2013 Ironman – Running past his own wife in a crazed obsessed comalike dash for the finish line without so much as a Hello!

Lowest Triathlon Race Moment – Cheating in the 2013 Ironman by receiving an unauthorized blessing by the Iron Friar (see pic below)

Next Race – Ironman Mont Tremblant

Iron Friar The Iron Friar!


B&P Beer   More Beer Please Sir                           Paul Podium  On The Podium – The Training Pays Off!



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