2022/23 Training Swims – Bikes – Spins – Runs

Updates Coming Soon

Tuesday & Thursday AM Group Runs (The AM Gang)

5:30 am groups run leaving from behind the Dunkin Donuts in Brunswick (Cooks Corner) – All Are Welcome to join this run. But please keep in mind that in peak training season (summer) individual training plans vary!!  Post your workout on the MTC Facebook Group page so other may join!

Its dark now!  Be Lit and Reflective!!   Meet in the parking lot BEHIND the Lil Dog/Fleet Feet store – Self Supported.  Be Seen – Be Reflective & wear a headlamp if dark.

Meeting people for a Run – Post It on our Facebook page so others may join!

   Lil Dog Parking Lot     Lil Dog Cafe      CTR Pic  


Saturday – All Club Group Run – Rain – Snow – Shine

8:00 a.m. – Run leaving from the parking lot behind the Fleet Feet Maine Running/Little Dog Coffee Shop in Brunswick.

Meet in the store (Fleet Feet) or in the Parking Lot behind the Little Dog/Maine Running Company.  Bathrooms are available in the Lil Dog Cafe or Fleet Feet (if open).

Some groups go out at 7:00, especially in the summer (hotter) months – LIKE & watch the MTC Facebook group page.  If you’re going out early – or doing a unique distance – please post your plans on our Facebook page if you want company!

**During Prime Training Season (Mar – Sep) – Times vary as everyone is on different training plan.  Like the MTC Facebook page as a prime source of information.  Doing a run – bike – swim?  Post it!!!   Let others know who may join!!!

All are welcome – bring a friend…………….  Be Seen – Be Safe

The Clubs Fav Run is the 5 Mile Loop: – Start out back – Right on Federal St – Right on Longfellow – Straight Across Maine St on to Columbia St – Left on Baribeau St – Left on Pleasant Hill Rd – Left on Maine St – Right on Longfellow – Left on Federal St back to Bank St/Lil Dog/Fleet Feet.



Contact Person: Dave T

MTC group at Toys for Tots run at Maine Running Company Portland in December 2012.

MTC group at Toys for Tots run at Maine Running Company Portland.

Jingle Bell 2014 4Jingle Bell PicLil Dog Parking Lot


Spinning & Biking

Lake Placid Group Bike Pic

  Outside Group Rides – We need a Thursday Night 5:30 Ride Leader for 2019!

Currently – Outside Bikes are wrapping up.   There Are No Group Rides scheduled!!

Ride Leaders Needed for 2019 – Contact Jim – jim@brunswickmultisport.com


Indoor Spins – You will need your bike – a trainer – towel – hydration.  Bathrooms are available.  Bring your running gear for an “Optional” T Run after the spin.

Some sessions will be coached – most Spinerval Tapes shown.

Coaching Seminars – On Hold

Contact Dave T

Spinning2             Spinning1   


STAND BY for 2023 Bowdoin Pool Swims – 

Bowdoin College – Greason Pool – 35 Watson Dr.
All Swims are 6:30 to 7:30
Note – Some swim time vary as Denoted *

2023 – 2024 Bowdoin swim schedule will start:  TBA

Swim times will be on Mondays and Wednesday at 6:30 – 7:30 pm unless noted. Below is the schedule and times . Remember ALL using this club benefit must be current 2018/19 member and will be issued  a pass to Bowdoin Pool .

At times we will not be only ones using the pool. As in past years, we may be asked by the pool staff to use 4 left lanes and diving area.

Any questions contact Dave T

Bowdoin Pool Swim Times – 6:30 – 7:30 PM  (Note Some Vary based on availability)

Meet Jim F or other Club Officer in the lobby to get your Pass 15 minutes before the scheduled swim time start – which must be shown to the Bowdoin pool attendant each time in the lobby.  Shower before swim – share lanes – obey the lifeguard!
Passes are limited – if you’re not going to be a regular – don’t take a pass!
The pool is located at 35 Watson Dr – Off Rt123/Harpswell Rd – parking is plentiful.
This is Lap Swimming, not an instructional swim clinic.  Seed yourself in an appropriate lane – 2 to a lane when needed – 3 to a lane and Circle Swim if that busy.
Bring Goggles & Swim Cap – Be respectful of Bowdoin swimmers ahead of us and Brunswick High Swimmers behind us.
There may be nights we need to share the pool with clinics.
Be respectful of non club members using the pool.  Bowdoin Faculty may be swimming and have priority.
** Remember – if you join the club just to swim – you are still expected to Volunteer at the Race The Runways 4/27/19 – Save The Date!
Thank You**

Open Water Swims  –  Crystal Lake On Fridays


Crystal Lake in Gray – 
Fridays 5:00 -Push Off @ 5:15 – Wilkies Beach in Gray (Off Rt 26 – Turn LEFT on North Raymond Rd – RIGHT on Mayberry Rd) – Crystal lake Group Swim  –  Sometimes on Mondays.  Watch The MTC Group Facebook page for info on people swimming on Mondays.  Monday’s are less frequented – there is usually a group there on Fridays.  Now that summer is winding down, there may or not be people swimming.  Swim at your own risk – be seen – be safe.
Swim 1/2 mile across to Camp Gregory wall and back (1/4 mile over – 1/4 mile back).
Swim 1 Mile – the point and back.
Swim 2 miles – end of lake and back.
Tailor to meet your own training plan.
Swim Safe – Hug the shore to the LEFT – use a tag a long Floaty – swim with a partner – watch the sky – watch for boats
Simpsons Point Brunswick Swims –         5:30 – This is Tide Dependent!
Message Jill Weybrant on Facebook for dates – times or watch MTC Group Facebook page
Sewall Pond Swims – 
Tues & Thurs Am’s – 530
Rt 127 in Arrowsic – bout 5 miles out there is a small parking area
2010 LP Swim1Lobstermanswim20004tCoffee Boat


Lake Placid Training Camp 2018 – Was a Great Weekend!

 MTC’s Annual Training Weekend – Location/Date TBA for 2023

You do not have to be doing an Ironman – or any race – to participate!  Come Join The Fun for a long weekend of serious training.  This is a great training/vacation on a supported course with friends.  New to the club?  You will have new friends at the end of this long weekend.   If you’ve ever wanted to get a taste of what a full Iroman is like, this is a great opportunity.  You can swim 2.4 – bike 112 and run 26.2 if you choose, or do whatever distance you are comfortable with.  Or maybe just hang on the beach with a cold one!  We will have a good size group going this year so you will always have someone to train with.  That’s the beauty of this weekend – you are supported by the group – there is always someone to Swim – Bike or Run with.

Discount code for making reservations.

 Lodging Discount Code

MidCoast Triathlon Club – Training Camp

2018 Lake Placid Training Camp Host Hotel Information.


2023  Training Camp Schedule

SCHEDULE – – (Subject to Change)


And Again – this is the base schedule – Tailor It To Meet Your Training Schedule!

Swim start at IMLP

Ironman Jeff Gilman

Ironman Dave Toothaker

Iron Friar

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